The 80th day of the Olympic Torch Relay will end at Osasco

Indaiatuba, Itu and Jundiaí precede the relay’s arrival at Osasco

The Rio 2016 Olympic Torch Relay ends its 80th day at Osasco this Thurday (21). The retinue previously stops at Indaiatuba, Itu and Jundiaí, travelling a total of 217 kilometres. At the occasion, 199 people will carry the Olympic flame.


-      Indaiatuba will start the relay at Presidente Vargas Avenue, passing through several streets from the city towards Paço Municipal, where there will be a ceremony. To celebrate the presence of the Olympic flame in the city, several attractions are scheduled to take place during the passing of the retinue, with performances by Corporação Musical Villa-Lobos, at Dom Pedro II Square, and by the Sesi dance ensemble, at Prudente de Moraes Square.


-      In Itu, the Olympic torch’s route, of about six kilometres, will start at Dr. Octaviano Pereira Mendes Avenue, having as the final destination the Novelli Junior Municipal Stadium. Upon its passage through Praça da Matriz (square), the relay will be welcomed by the fanfare from the city’s APAE. Upon arriving at the stadium, the retinue will be welcomed by football players from Ituano Futebol Clube and athletes from several modalities. At the same location, there will be a tribute by the students from the municipal net, who will form a in the centre of the field a mosaic with the shape of the Olympic torch.


-      In Jundiaí, the Olympic torch will be lit for the first time at Paço Municipal, in Liberdade Avenue, starting the relay. At Complexo Poliesportivo Dr. Nicolino de Lucca (sports centre), the torch will go through the athletics track and will exit the place following through the city’s main streets, until arriving at Nissan’s concessionary


-      In Osasco, the relay will start at Avenida dos Autonomistas (avenue), in front of Bradesco’s agency, and the ceremonial cauldron will be lit in Avenida Brasil, at the Rochdale neighborhood, with music performances by Projota and Mariana Fagundes. Throughout the course, the city will present local attractions, motorcycle clubs and cyclists. At Hirant Sanazar Avenue, the public may see the performance by Osasco’s Orquestra de Violeiros (guitar-players orchestra).


Check out some of the day’s torchbearers:


-      Maria Paula Gonçalves da Silva was summoned for the first time to make part of the female national basketball team aged 14. She got to be known as Magic Paula for her performance, in reference to the North-American basketball idol, Magic Johnson. She achieved the gold medal at the 1991 Havana Pan-American Games; was champion playing against the host team at the Australia world championship, 1994; and achieved a silver medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. She carries the torch in Jundiaí.


-      Marcel de Souza attended medicine school coordinating it with his basketball practice, always with good performance and not lacking in his studies, specializing in Radiology and Family and Community Medicine, a profession he exercises up to the present days, helping many communities from the city. He achieved five Pan-American championships and participated at four Olympic Games events: Moscow 1980, Los Angeles 1984, Seoul 1988 and Barcelona 1992. He will be torchbearer in Jundiaí,


-      Walter Casagrande was an idol from Corinthians in the 180’s and was part of the famous ‘Corinthian Democracy’, a movement created by the players and backed by famous supporters of this São Paulo team, who fought for the end of concentrations prior to matches. Currently he is a sports commenter at Globo TV. He will be torchbearer in Osasco.


-      Helen Luz is a former basketball player who acted as shooting guard. She earned a bronze medal at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Between 2001 and 2003, she played for the Washington Mystics at WNBA. She carries the torch in Jundiaí.


-      Silvia Luz is more known as ‘Silvinha’. An athlete for the national basketball team, she achieved a silver medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, and a bronze one at Sydney 2000. She will be torchbearer in Jundiaí.


-      Silvio Raposo is president of the Educando com o Esporte- Criança do Bem project. The project was made to create a place for children to practice sports.  It gained projection with the participation of volunteers and became an important place of learning. It has the support of parents and volunteers, and provides for more than 400 children. He carries the torch in Osasco at Coca-Cola’s invitation.


-      Priscila Tavares acted on the TI area until she decided to enter the world of circus after watching a spectacle. She opened hand of her profession and created along with her husband the Plantando Alegria circus school. Besides feeling accomplished, she takes happiness and art for children and adults from Osasco. Indicated by Nissan, she will be torchbearer in Osasco.


-      Irma Aida Conrado was one of the pioneers of professional volleyball in Brazil, being 63 years old of which 50 were dedicated to this sport. She played for Palmeiras, Pinheiros and the São Paulo state team. As a coach, she worked at three great handball professionalizing centres: EC Pinheiros, Olympic Training Centre and Pesquisa e Bradesco (BCN/Finasa/Bradeco), contributing to the career of seven Olympic medalists. Since 2007 she has been at Bradesco’s Volleyball Technical Supervision, where she works on the formation of young professionals. She carries the torch in Osasco, indicated by Bradesco.


-      Saraelen Lima is a volleyball athlete, world champion on sub-23 category, and is one of Osasco’s bets for the next season. She is a strong candidate for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. She will be torchbearer in Osasco.


-      Luizomar de Moura is coach for Osasco’s volleyball team and the Brazilian sub-23 national teams, with a long list of awards, for the team as well as for Brazil. He carries the torch in Osasco.


-      Laudelino José de Barros insisted so much that eventually he found himself some space at the old lodging for boxers of the José Liberatti gymnasium. There he met, among so many others, Tomas da Cruz and his first trainers, Mario Martiliano and Luizinho do Boxe. Lino Barros, who was at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, has 40 fights, being 37 victories and only three defeats. Today he is general coordinator of São Paulo’s Team Nogueira, talent finder and coordinator of the modality in the county of Osasco, where he will be torchbearer.


-      Nelio Moura is a former jump athlete, but he stood out as coach for great Olympic athletes such as Mauren Maggi, Jadel Gregorio and Keila Costa. He works with his wife Tânia Fernandes Moura. He will be torchbearer at the city of Osasco.


-      Paulo Eduardo Limongi Pacheco was an athlete on equestrianism’s CCE modality and represented Brazil at several competitions including the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. Today he continues to promote the sport as veterinary doctor of the Brazilian national equestrianism team since 2010, a position in which he represented Brazil at the London 2012 Olympic Games and Toronto 2015 Pan American Games. He carries the torch in Itu.


-      Armando Camargo Filho was elected best Brazilian cycling athlete in 2005 and made part of the Brazilian national track cycling team. He collaborated with technical orientations for the building of the velodrome at Indaiatuba, where he will be torchbearer.

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