Torch used to light the Olympic cauldron is put on auction features thousands of Games related items that provides fans an opportunity to own a piece of sports history

Former marathon athlete Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima was paid great tribute to at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, upon lighting up the ceremonial cauldron. Now, the torch used by him for this historical moment is at the public’s reach in the Rio 2016 Games Official Auction. This memorabilia item was signed by the Olympic medallist and will be available for bids, along with thousands of other products from the Rio 2016 Games, on the website .

Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima is a Brazilian hero since 2004, when he won the bronze medal in the Marathon event at the Athens Olympic Games. After that he became the only athlete in Latin America to be awarded with the Pierre de Coubertin Medal, the largest humanitarian-sporting award granted by the International Olympic Committee.


“I will never forget Rio 2016 Olympic Games definitely. It was an honor to light the cauldron at a crowded Maracanã and now I’m going to help to keep the Olympic flame alive. I know every person around the world will have the opportunity to own this special Torch, but I truly hope someone keeps it in Brazil”, said Vanderlei.


Sports fans around the world can view and bid on thousands of official Rio 2016 Games items at the Rio 2016 Official Auction. Memorabilia being offered from the first ever Olympic Games held in South America includes flags from the Opening and Closing  Ceremony, autographed match used equipment, limited edition torches and many other unique collectibles. Over 20,000 items are expected to be offered through the official auction.

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